Police appeal after 6 dogs stolen from Tonmawr farm

South Wales Police are appealing for information following the theft of six working dogs from a farm in Port Talbot on 30 December.

They were stolen from an outbuilding on the farm in Tonmawr by somebody who forced entry to their kennel.
It is believed the theft occurred sometime between 5pm and 9.45pm – a white van, potentially a Citroen Berlingo, was seen to be speeding along an access road away from the remote location.

In a heart-wrenching facebook post, Sarah Wood pleaded: “Surely someone has seen this Citroen Berlingo type van around the area, or if anyone has CCTV footage of this van please get in touch.

“These dogs are our part of our family. My son is heartbroken and we are devastated at the thought that someone has taken them to “work them” or breed out of them. Both jobs which they are all unsuitable for.

“My Spaniel is my companion when I go horse riding. She is extremely shy of strange people and dogs, she is petrified of loud noises.

“My Blue & Tan Border Terrier is a big baby who is also my companion to go horse riding, since my border collie retired due to old age and loss of eye sight.

“The Patterdales are playful, loving little dogs that are not used to being away from their family. All the dogs are females, apart from a little black smooth coated, 6 month old male pup, with a white spot on his chest.

“These sick people took our dogs, leaving my 13 year old blind Border Collie loose, where she was searching the field in the freezing cold weather for my Spaniel who is her best friend and they have lived together since my Spaniel was a puppy.

“Please share or contact with any information. We just want the safe return of our dogs.”

The following dogs were stolen:

  • A liver and white English Springer Spaniel
  • A blue and tan Border Terrier
  • A smooth bronze coloured Patterdale terrier
  • A smooth black coloured Patterdale Terrier
  • A rough coated black Patterdale Terrier
  • A smooth coated black Patterdale Terrier with distinctive white spots on his chest

Anybody who has information about the theft is urged to contact 101 and give reference 2000469550.

In a statement South Wales Police said: “Losing a dog in this way is heart breaking, but there are some simple measures we recommend to reduce the chances of it happening to you and your family:

  • Avoid leaving dogs in the garden or outside kennels if you are not home
  • Think twice before leaving your dog alone, secured outside a shop or any other location
  • If dogs are off the lead, ensure the remain nearby, or are obedient enough to return when you call
  • If your dog is having a litter of puppies be extra vigilant as the young pups won’t have an identify yet, making them easier for thieves to steal

To help ensure chances of your dog being returned if lost or stolen:

  • Make sure your dog’s microchip information is up to date
  • Keep a current photographs and note any distinguishing marks.”

(Lead image: Sarah Wood / South Wales Police / Facebook)

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