Underwear, protein bars, pizza cutters: Royal Mail reveals the items that brits sent lovers in the post for Valentine’s Day

More than one in five (22%) British adults said they’d sent a loved one a present through the post this Valentine’s Day, according to new research from Royal Mail. Nearly one in ten (8%) say lockdown restrictions have made them more likely to do this than they usually would.

The findings come as the UK continues to adjust to the realities of lockdown, and more people turn to the mail to make emotional and meaningful connections with loved ones.

The study, released in the run up to Valentine’s Day, revealed the nation’s saucy side. Although chocolates (36%) and flowers (22%) are the most popular choices for postal-bound gifts, underwear (4%) was also tipped to be on peoples’ gift lists. Pyjamas (5%), a lockdown sales staple, also feature highly.

Most Popular Postal-Bound Valentine’s Day Orders

1. Chocolates (36%)
2. Flowers/plants (22%)
3. Alcohol (12%)
4. Perfume/aftershave (12%)
5. Jewellery (8%)
6. Candles (6%)
7. Clothing (6%)
8. Pyjamas (5%)
9. Stuffed toys (5%)
10. Underwear (4%)

Some of the more unusual Valentine’s postal orders the study unveiled include Lego, a ‘hug token’ and even an afternoon tea set.

Although romantic partners (18%) are the most common recipients of postal bound presents this Valentine’s Day, two per cent of us will be sent something to an absent friend, and another two per cent to a family member. Two per cent also sent a gift to a romantic interest that they are not currently in a relationship with.

Those from the Midlands (24%) were most likely to send a loved one a present in the post for Valentine’s Day, followed by Scotland (23%).

Mark Street, Head of Campaigns at Royal Mail said: “As we struggle to meet up with friends and family, there is now – more than ever – a special joy in receiving a present from a loved one in the post. Be it a romantic interest or even an absent friend or family member, this research clearly demonstrates the innate and intimate power of the parcel.”

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