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Carmarthenshire rates as one of the most affordable crime-free places to live in the UK according to new survey



Four of the top ten UK postcodes ranked as the most affordable crime-free places to live are in Carmarthenshire according to a new survey – with Llanybydder coming out on top.

They say crime doesn’t pay and this is certainly the case for the nation’s home sellers, with the vast majority of homebuyers stating they would offer below asking price for a home in an area with a high crime rate. That’s according to the latest property market research by estate agent comparison site,, who also revealed which pockets of the market offer the best mix of the lowest crime rate and the most affordable property prices.

The average crime rate in England and Wales is currently at 90, although this can climb as high as 3,000 in postcodes home to the highest rate of crime.

GetAgent asked the nation’s homebuyers if they would offer below asking price on a home if it was located in an area with a high crime rate. A huge 70% stated that they would use a high crime rate as a bargaining chip to secure a property for less. That’s if they put an offer in, to begin with, as 86% of those surveyed also said they wouldn’t bother buying in an area with a high crime rate in the first place.

So where should they start their search?

GetAgent also looked at the best areas for low crime and property affordability based on current crime rates and house prices.

Llanybydder in Carmarthenshire ranks as the most affordable low crime place to live in the UK. (Image: Google Maps)

Most affordable crime-free property postcodes

The SA40 postcode around Llanybydder in Carmarthenshire came out on top, with a crime rate of just 38 and an average house price of £266,809, the area scored 4.1 in GetAgent’s index of house price affordability and crime rates.

In fact, Carmarthenshire also accounted for a further three of the top 10 postcodes. SA34 which covers an area around Whitland scores 4.9. SA39 around Pencader scores 5.1, and SA66 near Clynderwen also scores well with 5.3.


The SY17 postcode which covers an area just West of Newtown in Powys (4.9) ranked second for house price affordability and low crime rates, with Pembrokeshire’s SA37 (5.4) postcode near Boncath also performing well.

The EC3 postcode in Central London ranks as having the highest house price and crime rate. (Image: Google Maps)

High house prices and crime rates

At the other end of the table, London’s EC3 postcode covering parts of the City of London and Tower Hamlets ranks as the worst. With property prices averaging £858,868 and a crime rate of 2,532, the area scored 3,874 in GetAgent’s index.

In fact, London accounts for seven of the top 10 worst areas for high house prices and crime rates, with Birmingham’s B2 postcode (895.8), Liverpool’s L2 postcode (535.1) and Bristol’s BS1 postcode (293.7) also featuring.

Best and worst by region – To see which postcodes rank as the best and worst in your region, check out the data table below.

Founder and CEO of, Colby Short, commented: “Crime is an incredibly influential factor when it comes to choosing where to live and will often form part of a homebuyer’s initial search criteria.

However, as is often the case, we find ourselves having to compromise on what we might find an acceptable level due to other factors such as a desired location and affordability of property prices.


When taking crime rates into account, it’s as important to conduct your research at the most granular level as possible. All too often, we look at an overall crime rate in a city or neighbourhood but this can be misleading.

By diving into the data you might well find that the vast majority of crimes in an area are concentrated in a completely different part of a given town or city to the area you might wish to buy in, or that the crimes in question don’t influence your decision-making process to the same extent.

For example, crimes such as shoplifting or anti-social behaviour may rank as less of a deterrent for actual homebuyers compared to more serious issues such as violent crimes or burglary.

There are some great databases out there that allow you to really drill down and analyse crime rates on a crime by crime basis in a given area and these are a great place to start to get a realistic idea of whether you might like to live somewhere or not.”

●        Survey of 1,116 UK homebuyers carried out by Find Out Now (11th February 2021).
●        The overall crime rate is based on crimes per 1,000 people in each postcode over the last 12 months (Source: PropertyData)
●        Property prices are based on the latest available asking prices in each postcode (Source: PropertyData)
●        Crime to house price affordability score for each area based on a combined price and crime rate figure subsequently translated to a score format through factor division ((Source:


Would you buy a property in an area with a high crime rate?

No choice due to my budget for buying a home7%

Would you offer below asking price due to an area having a high crime rate?


The best postcodes in England and Wales for house price affordability and a low crime rate

PostcodeAverage house priceAverage £/sq ftCrime rateCrime/House Price
Affordability Score
DN19222,574£153375.7North Lincolnshire

The worst postcodes in England and Wales for house price affordability and a low crime rate

PostcodeAverage house priceAverage £/sq ftCrime rateCrime/House Price Affordability ScoreLocation
EC3£858,868£1,5302,5323,874.0City of London/Tower Hamlets
EC4£766,393£1,1461,4861,703.0City of London/Westminster
WC2£1,734,536£9601,4751,416.0Camden/Westminster/City of London
EC2£1,130,929£955804767.8Islington/Hackney/City of London
SW1£1,415,773£1,049277290.6Westminster/Kensington and Chelsea

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