Man who sexually assaulted two women in Mumbles jailed

Jobert Cacayorin, aged 36, of Treboeth, Swansea was sentenced at Swansea Crown Court to a total of four months imprisonment for the two sexual assaults which happened in the summer last year.

Detective Inspector Gareth Jones said: “We would like to reassure the public that we take incidents such as these seriously.

“Following the first assault detectives were designated to the case and following a review of the evidence they were able to identify a profile of the offender and narrow down a time line and location of his offending.

“They then conducted plain clothed patrols in the area, and identified a woman sitting alone on the wall running the length of the sea front who matched the profile of the suspect’s previous victims.

“They kept close observations on the woman and soon witnessed a man acting suspiciously around her, he then appeared to make a move towards her.

“The plain clothed officers have swiftly intercepted the man and arrested him – I have no doubt in my mind that if our officers hadn’t been there a further sexual assault would have taken place.

“There is a common perception that as detectives we are reactive in our response, however this is just one example which shows we often conduct pro-active investigations to bring offenders to justice.

“Whilst we understand that offences of this nature cause concern within our communities, they are under continuous assessment by detectives within the CID and a large proportion of our work is covert or undercover and I am sure you will understand that we are not able to tell you about this at the time.

“This was a real team effort across the whole of Swansea CID, and I would like to thank the officers all for their efforts in identifying and bringing the suspect to justice and I have no doubt that their work has prevented additional victims of crime.”

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