Neath Port Talbot

New ID card launched for young carers living in Neath Port Talbot

A new ID card has been launched in Neath Port Talbot to ensure young carers are recognised for their role in looking after family members.

The purpose of the ID card is to give young carers a quick way to inform teachers, pharmacists and GPs, staff in supermarkets, and community services such as leisure centres and local transport, that they look after someone.

The ID card is being launched today (Tuesday 16 March), to coincide with Young Carers Action Day, an annual event to raise awareness of young carers. The card, which was developed in partnership with Welsh Government and Carers Trust Wales, contains a photo of the young person, their personal details and the official ‘Young Carers’ logo.

Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services Julie Morgan said: “Too often the ability of a young carer to achieve and progress in their studies or have a life alongside caring is hindered because schools, health professionals and others don’t know who or what a young carer is, or how to help them. I want young carers to be able to identify themselves to others in a quick and easy way, so they can get the right help and support they need.

“It has been a particularly difficult past year, however it is so important to recognise that being a young carers is not a negative – through their role a young person can acquire a wide range of life skills; from resilience in the face of everyday pressures, to time management and the ability to focus on what’s most important.

“Today, on Young Carers’ Action Day, I also want to take the opportunity to thank all our young carers and young adult carers who are helping and supporting their family members, friends and neighbours, in these extremely challenging times. You have and continue to do so much – diolch.”

Lead image: Young carers from Neath Port Talbot with their ID cards (NPT Council)

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