Senedd21: Anna Pigott | Green Party | Gower


1. Tell us about yourself:

I’m Anna, and I live with my partner and young daughter in West Cross. I was brought up in Milton Keynes, and after moving around a bit for study and work, settled in Swansea ten years ago and haven’t looked back!

I work at Swansea University as a Lecturer in Human Geography, where my research and teaching is concerned with society and environment – particularly the climate crisis. In my spare time I try to make the most of living on the wonderful Gower Peninsula by getting outdoors and walking, biking, climbing, or getting in the sea!

2. What will you do for your constituency/region if elected?

First and foremost – I will listen! I will encourage and support Citizen’s Assemblies for Gower constituents in order to understand the issues that matter most to people, and what their own suggestions are for how to respond.

In my experience the best solutions usually already exist in our communities – they just need a voice, space, and the means to flourish. This is what I would defend and champion as a member of the Senedd.

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