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Mini Cheddars unveil new Welsh ‘Cheddars Bach’ flavour

Love Mini Cheddars? Love chilli and cheese? Proud to be Welsh? Then you’ll love these new limited edition ‘Cheddars Bach’ Dragon’s Breath Chilli Cheddar flavoured snacks!

‘Cheddars Bach’ is part of Jacob’s three new limited-edition flavours of its popular Mini Cheddars snacks and transformed the packaging to celebrate iconic cheeses from each of the Great British nations.

Jacob’s has partnered with leading cheese companies from England, Scotland and Wales and carefully baked each unique flavour to take inspiration from their best-loved regional cheeses. Each one varies in strength, with a flavour to suit every tastebud. Fans will spot that the packaging has also been given a regional twist, with Mini Cheddars replaced by the Welsh Cheddars Bach and Scottish Wee Cheddars!

From England, comes the new Ploughman’s Cheshire Cheese flavour Mini Cheddars, inspired by cheese from the award-winning Cheshire Cheese Company. Cheshire Cheese is Britain’s oldest named cheese, and the new flavour combines a hint of pickle with the famous mild, creamy flavour in the popular golden-baked snacks.

The Dragon’s Breath Chilli Cheddar flavoured Cheddars Bach are inspired by Welsh cheese produced at the Blaenafon Cheddar Company. The chilli cheddar is named after a forge in the area and is said to leave you breathing the fire of a dragon, one for those who love a bit of heat in their Mini Cheddars.

The Scottish cheese to inspire the Wee Cheddars flavour is the Strathdon Blue from Highlands Fine Cheeses in Tain. The famous cheese has a rich, sweet blue tang which has inspired the flavour baked into these tasty treats. Well tidy scran!

The new range launched into Tesco from 12th April and will roll-out across other major supermarkets – as well as in convenience stores – from 19th April. The three flavours will come in multipacks containing 6 individual 25g bags at an RRP of £1.79. Packaging will be recyclable through pladis’ partnership with Terracycle (

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