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Blaenymaes cocaine dealer who rammed two police cars trying to escape is jailed



David Morgan, 41, has appeared in court to be sentenced for drug offences, dangerous driving and assaults on emergency workers.

Dramatic video footage released by South Wales Police shows the high-speed pursuit through the residential streets of Blaenymaes before Morgan deliberately rammed the two police vehicles in an attempt to escape.

David Morgan was jailed for 5 years following the incident in February (Image: South Wales Police)

On 3 February 2021, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras alerted police to two different cars using the same number plate at the same location in Swansea.

Officers caught sight of the cloned vehicle, a high-performance Vauxhall Astra VXR, and a pursuit began around the Blaenymaes area of Swansea.

Body-worn footage shows the driver of the car, David Morgan from Blaenymaes, attempting to flee after he had deliberately hit two police vehicles.

Morgan’s attempts to get away were unsuccessful and a search of the car found a bag with large quantities of cocaine and cash.

He was sentenced to a total of five years in prison, plus five years disqualification from driving, after pleading guilty to dangerous driving, assaulting emergency workers and for possession of a controlled drug, with intent to supply.


His accomplice, Kirsty Davies, aged 30, received a 12 month suspended sentence and probation work for her role in the drugs offences.

WATCH: Dramatic footage from Police bodycam cameras shows drug-dealer Morgan deliberately ramming the police cars in an attempt to escape (Video: South Wales Police)

(Lead image: South Wales Police)

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British Transport Police

British Transport Police calls on bystanders to report sexual harassment on the railway




British Transport Police (BTP) is encouraging the public to do their bit in helping us make the railway a hostile environment for sexual harassment, as reports continue to rise.

A new campaign launched today (Monday 4 July) – called ‘Speak Up, Interrupt’ – aims to empower bystanders and witnesses of all forms of inappropriate sexual behaviour on the network to report incidents or safely intervene where they can, while we continue to boost specialist patrols and target hotspot locations.


Reports of sexual harassment and sexual offences to BTP have risen by 175% since before the pandemic (2019/20 compared to 2021/22). The force say this tells us that more people are aware that this behaviour isn’t acceptable, and that they are becoming more confident in reporting it to police – which is a step in the right direction, however there’s more to be done.

BTP say that they’re now calling on the public to help. Whether that’s by alerting police or taking simple and non-confrontational steps to interrupt or diffuse a situation if you see behaviour such as leering, catcalling, touching, pressing, upskirting, or indecent exposure.

This could involve speaking to police or rail staff; Giving the victim a way out of the situation by offering your seat; Interrupting the situation by striking up an unrelated conversation or standing between the perpetrator and the victim; Supporting the victim by asking them if they are ok; Or, if it is safe to so, speaking calmly to the person causing the issue.

Reports can be made by texting 61016 or via BTP’s new app ‘Railway Guardian’ now available to download on the Apple and Google Play store. The app also contains guides and advice on what information to report and examples of how to be an active bystander. In an emergency, you should always call 999.

BTP Sexual Offences Lead, Detective Superintendent Sarah White, said: “We must shift the focus away from just relying on victims to report sexual harassment to us, because everyone has a part to play in driving out this unacceptable behaviour.


“We’re not asking people to police the railway, that’s our job. But small actions such as offering someone your seat if you notice them looking uncomfortable, alerting an officer, or reporting an incident to us can make an enormous difference.

“Your reports provide us with crucial information which helps us build a picture of what’s happening on the network so we can identify crime hotspots, deploy patrols to catch offenders, and crucially bring them to justice.

“As always, our officers are out across the network day and night looking out for you. Download our new Railway Guardian app for more information.”

The campaign has been developed in conjunction with rail industry partners, based on research from charities, campaign groups, and bystander behaviour experts.

(Lead image: British Transport Police)

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Dyfed Powys Police

Drivers in Dyfed-Powys police area least likely to have car stolen




New research has shown that drivers in Dyfed-Powys police’s area are the least likely to have their car stolen in all of England and Wales.

There were 623 vehicle thefts in 2021. This means just 1.2 cars were stolen per thousand households.


The study, conducted by  A-Plan Insurance, was carried out by assessing Home Office data of vehicle thefts in each Police Force Area and determining the rate according to the number of thefts per household. 

With 100,185 cars stolen in London in 2021, England’s capital had 11.1. vehicle thefts per thousand households. This puts it first for the area where drivers are most likely to be the victims of vehicle theft. 

The West Midlands comes second for its vehicle crime rate, with 10.4 vehicle thefts per thousand households (30,608 cars stolen in 2021), while Greater Manchester had nine cars stolen per thousand households (25,495 vehicle thefts), making it the third most dangerous place to own a car. 

Cumbria and North Yorkshire are also some of the least likely areas for vehicle theft, with 727 and 1,433 cars stolen respectively in 2021. That’s 1.5 vehicle thefts per thousand households in Cumbria and 1.7 in North Yorkshire. 

The research also analysed data from 2020, to determine whether vehicle thefts have increased or decreased in each Police Force Area since last year, finding that although London is still the worst place for vehicle theft, the crime rate is improving. Compared to 2020, car thefts in the capital are down by nine per cent, however, it’s a different story in the West Midlands, with 12 per cent more vehicles stolen in 2021.  


Greater Manchester also saw an increase of five per cent on last year, but Hampshire is the area where vehicle theft has increased the most, with 22 per cent more cars stolen in 2021 than in 2020. 

Gloucestershire has seen the biggest improvement when it comes to the number of cars stolen in the area, with nearly a third fewer thefts in 2021, compared to 2020. 

The full results of the research

Police Force Area Household figures (mid-2020) rounded to 100 Vehicle thefts per 1,000 households (year ending Dec 2021) Total vehicle thefts (year ending Dec 2021) Percentage change in vehicle thefts (from 2020 to 2021) 
London (Metropolitan Police and City of London) 3,543,000 11.1 100,185 -9 
West Midlands 1,148,800 10.4 30,608 12 
Greater Manchester 1,190,500 25,495 
South Yorkshire 599,500 7.5 10,572 -4 
Bedfordshire 267,900 6.9 4,704 -17 
West Yorkshire 964,400 6.1 14,358 -4 
Hertfordshire 485,400 7,180 
Essex 768,400 5.9 10,896 -6 
Warwickshire 247,600 5.4 3,167 -18 
Cleveland 245,100 5.2 2,989 
Thames Valley 964,200 4.9 12,000 -18 
Hampshire 839,500 4.9 9,760 22 
Nottinghamshire 489,000 4.9 5,714 -12 
Avon and Somerset 737,300 4.9 8,407 -4 
Leicestershire 438,800 4.8 5,330 -20 
Dorset 344,100 4.8 3,718 -4 
Merseyside 632,500 4.7 6,726 -1 
Cambridgeshire 345,600 4.7 4,028 -8 
Northamptonshire 316,900 4.6 3,512 -25 
Surrey 474,900 4.6 5,545 -7 
Kent 778,300 4.6 8,508 -14 
Lancashire 643,600 4.4 6,735 -1 
South Wales 582,100 4.2 5,610 -14 
Northumbria 648,200 4.1 6,082 -15 
Derbyshire  461,800 4,229 
Sussex 750,100 3.8 6,522 -3 
Gwent 256,700 3.7 2,242 -9 
Staffordshire 488,600 3.6 4,079 -8 
Durham 283,900 3.4 2,150 -16 
Humberside 407,600 3.3 3,052 -20 
West Mercia 556,600 3.1 3,977 
Gloucestershire 275,200 2.9 1,838 -31 
Suffolk 330,800 2.9 2,178 -18 
Lincolnshire 332,400 2.8 2,144 -10 
Wiltshire 309,700 2.7 1,947 -14 
Cheshire 467,300 2.4 2,604 -1 
Devon and Cornwall 778,700 1.8 3,210 -7 
Norfolk 398,800 1.8 1,613 -15 
North Wales 308,300 1.7 1,225 -4 
North Yorkshire 360,900 1.7 1,433 -22 
Cumbria 227,000 1.5 727 -13 
Dyfed-Powys 231,200 1.2 623 -12 

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for  A-Plan Insurance said: “Theft is one of the main concerns for drivers, especially if you live in an area like London or the West Midlands, where there’s a higher risk of your vehicle being stolen than there is in somewhere like Dyfed-Powys and Cumbria.

“It’s interesting to see that some of the places with the highest vehicle crime rates are improving, though, and drivers can rest easier by making sure they have adequate insurance cover for their vehicles to protect them from theft and other risks.” 

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South Wales Police

Logan Mwangi: Three sentenced for murder




Three people have been sentenced for murdering five year-old Logan Mwangi, whose body was discovered by police officers in a river near his home in Sarn, in July 2021.

Angharad Williamson, 31, John Cole, 40, and 14 year-old Craig Mulligan, appeared at Cardiff Crown Court on Thursday, June 30.


They were convicted of murder and perverting the course of justice back in April. During a trial which lasted for 10-weeks, the court heard how the defendants colluded in an attempt to cover-up Logan’s murder in the hours that followed his death.

Logan’s body was found by police officers in the River Ogmore at around 6am on Saturday, 31st July, shortly after a 999 call was made by Logan’s mother, Angharad Williamson.

The defendants tried to convince officers that Logan had gone missing overnight but all three were arrested when officers became suspicious.

Damning evidence was gathered by the Major Crime Investigation Team in the days that followed and they were charged with murder.

A Home Office Post Mortem carried out on Logan found that he had suffered more than 56 injuries which were described by a pathologist to be so extreme, that you would expect to find them as a result of a fall from great height or a high speed road traffic collision.


John Cole was jailed for life and will serve a minimum of 29 years before he can be considered for release. Angharad Williamson was jailed for life and will serve a minimum 28 years. Craig Mulligan will be detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure for a minimum of 15 years.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Inspector Lianne Rees, of the South Wales Police Major Crime Investigations Team, said: “Today’s sentences are a reflection of the appalling crimes committed back in July last year.

“It is incomprehensible that Logan had his life cut short in such tragic circumstances at the hands of those very people who should have been there to protect him.

“For Logan’s father, Ben, who stands beside me, today’s sentences are welcome news, however no amount of justice can bring Logan back, or compensate for the grief that continues to be felt.

“Ben, and his family, have demonstrated incredible strength throughout the investigation and legal process. What they have been through is hard to comprehend, but they have endured everything with tremendous courage and dignity at this most difficult time.


“The impact Logan’s death has had, and continues to have on all those who loved and knew him within the local community, is immeasurable.

“Knowing that justice has been done for Logan, I hope they can now begin to rebuild their lives and celebrate the joy that he gave them during the precious time they had with him.

“Once again, I would like to pay tribute to the professionalism displayed by police officers and emergency service colleagues who were faced with the most traumatic scenes imaginable back in July of last year.

“I would also like thank my team of detectives and staff who have worked tirelessly on this investigation, together with the Crown Prosecution Service and Prosecution Counsel. The efforts of all involved have contributed to today’s outcome.”

Following the verdict handed down in the Logan Mwangi case today, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have reiterated their calls for an independent inquiry into Children’s services in Wales to try and prevent any more tragedies.


Commenting Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS, who worked for over 25 years as a child protection social worker said: “This case is utterly tragic and we must ensure lessons are learned so that it never happens again.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats are very clear, following a number of alarming incidents, the Welsh Government should announce a review of child protection across Wales.

“Social workers, their managers, family support workers and colleagues in the health and education systems are working hard to protect children. But, more is needed to help social workers to do their job and a Chief Social Worker for Children is needed – as they have in England.

“Both Scotland and England are carrying out independent inquiries into the state of children’s social services in their jurisdiction. There is no reason for Wales not to do the same.”

(Lead image: South Wales Police)

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