Pokemon cards and private hearing aids: expensive items that are listed on home insurance policies

Pokemon cards, private hearing aids and postage stamp collections are among the most expensive items to be insured by UK householders, according to GoCompare Home Insurance.

  • The Pokemon card and private hearing aid collection are each worth over £100,000
  • A poster was also valued at £100,000 and a selection of paintings at £300,000
  • Rings account for around a fifth of items covered as a specified item on home insurance policies

An assortment of Pokemon cards estimated to be worth over £110,000, a collection of private hearing aids worth £102,000, and a range of Commonwealth stamps worth £80,000 were some of the most valuable items to be covered by GoCompare customers on their home insurance in 2020.

A poster of Hollywood actor Steve McQueen estimated to be worth around £100,000 was also among the more most expensive items to be covered, alongside a selection of paintings worth £300,000.

The most popular stand-alone items covered on home insurance policies were jewellery, particularly rings which accounted for around a fifth of all items covered in 2020. Watches were the second most popular item to be covered, meanwhile, with Rolex the most requested brand to insure.

RankTop 10 Items for Home Insurance in 2020%
3Laptops and equipment10
5Articles of gold4
6Computer equipment4
7Works of art3
9Musical instruments2
10Sports equipment2

Commenting on the findings, Ryan Fulthorpe, from GoCompare Home Insurance said, “It’s no secret that bringing items which are either valuable in their own right or are large in volume together as a collection often attaches a rarity, and subsequently more financial value, to those items.

“What our findings show is that finding a niche item relevant to today’s market can be just as valuable as amassing more conventional collectables such as jewellery, artwork and furniture – and in cases like the Pokemon cards and hearing aids, even more so.”

“The most crucial thing to remember regardless of how much a private collection or individual item may be worth to the outside world, however, is that if it’s important to you personally and financially then making sure it is properly insured is an absolute must.” 

Specialist jewellery and valuables insurance is available to help cover the cost of repairing and replacing watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces and more where home insurance might fall short, for example, and in the event these kinds of items are lost, damaged or stolen.

Ryan continued, “Home insurance policies provide for a wide range of items but it’s always best to declare specific items of interest, and particularly those you consider to be the most valuable, to your insurer. Anything worth more than the single article limit specified by an insurer, which is usually around £1,000, is unlikely to be covered as standard by your home insurance.”

“So, if you do happen to own a particularly valuable piece of jewellery or a collectible item of any kind, it’s a good idea to discuss this with your provider so you can put additional valuables insurance in place to make sure those items are accounted for too,” Ryan added.

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