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Motorist jailed after blaming his 105mph speed on unsuspecting pensioner



A motorist who tried to blame his motorway speeds of 105mph and 92mph on an unsuspecting pensioner has been jailed.

Harald Plumb, aged 61, of Brynmead, Bryn, Llanelli, was clocked doing 105mph on the M4 westbound between junction 48 and Pont Abraham at around 12.45pm on 26 March 2020.

At around 1.30pm, his Mercedes was clocked at 92mph going the opposite way.

A notice of intended prosecution was sent to him on 30 March, 2020, to which he replied to name a 70-year-old man from Swansea on 3 April, 2020.

In response to the Central Ticket Office contacting the 70-year-old, he sent a letter back saying that he did not know the vehicle or who was using his details.

The matter was passed on to PC John Whiles in the GO SAFE road crime enquiry team as it appeared the defendant had falsely nominated the man to avoid prosecution, thus perverting the course of public justice.

In his initial interview, Plumb was challenged on the fact the 70-year-old denied knowledge of him and access to his vehicle. The defendant continued to lie and claimed the man was test driving his car that day having advertised it for sale.

PC Whiles then looked at interrogating telecommunication activity of the defendant’s phone on the day of the speeding offence. This revealed that the defendant’s mobile phone was transmitting a signal close to the original speeding offences’ location.

Further statements from the 70-year-old and his wife were taken, along with them providing permission to interrogate their mobile phones for the relevant time of the offence.

This line of enquiry isolated both the man and his wife’s mobile phones to their home address in Swansea, eliminating him as a suspect.

Plumb was further interviewed on this evidence and again maintained his position that he had the car out on test drive that day to the 70-year-old and he had left his mobile phone in the car.

The case was put before the CPS who duly charged Plumb with perverting the course of public justice.

At Swansea Crown Court on Wednesday, 29 September, 2021, a guilty plea was entered due to the overwhelming evidence, despite initially pleading not guilty.

Judge Paul Thomas QC was unprepared to consider a pre-sentence report as the actions of the defendant proved to be of high culpability, and an Offence against public justice.

Sentencing Plumb, Judge Thomas, criticised him for telling what he described as ”stark, cynical lies”.

Judge Thomas said: ”It strikes at the very heart of justice and undermines everything. The public need to know what happens to people who act like you did.”

Plumb was jailed for six months and disqualified from driving for 15 months.

Prosecuting QC Dean Pulling described the officer’s investigation as dogged and determined.


Judge Thomas reiterated to the court the diligent and hard work of the officer and instructed the prosecutor to notify PC Whiles’ senior officers of this recognition.

Speaking after the hearing, Regional Go Safe Co-Ordinator, PS Ian Price, said: “PC Whiles ought to be commended for his consistent and determined investigation skills he has demonstrated.

“This case is one of six convictions he has secured in the past four months for the offence of perverting the course of public justice.

“His work is helping to reinforce the message that attempting to pervert the course of justice will not work and you will be found out and prosecuted.

“In this case, it has cost a man his liberty. It just isn’t worth it.”

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New Year start date for new state-of-the-art Pembrey primary school




Work will get underway to build a state-of-the-art primary school in Pembrey in the new year.

Carmarthenshire County Council has unveiled plans for its latest new school, part of its multi-million pound Modernising Education Programme, jointly funded by Welsh Government through its 21st Century Schools initiative.

The new modern purpose-built £8.25million primary school will be built next to the existing school site on Ashburnham Road.

On completion it will provide high-quality teaching facilities for 270 primary pupils and 30 nursery pupils.

It will also incorporate a Flying Start facility for younger children, located in a mobile classroom on the current school site.

The school has been designed by Carmarthenshire County Council’s own architects and the work will be carried out by Carmarthenshire-based TRJ Construction Ltd, selected from the South West Wales Regional Contractors Framework.


Headteacher Helen Jacob said: “Teaching staff, pupils and families are excited and looking forward to seeing our new school come to life. Our children will benefit from seeing every phase of their new school being built right alongside us – it has been designed to enhance learning and teaching and it is very much deserved.”

Artist’s impression of the new Primary School in Pembrey (Image: Carmarthenshire Council)

Cllr Glynog Davies, Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services, added: “We are proud to be delivering yet another fantastic new school in Carmarthenshire as part of our Modernising Education Programme.

“The new Ysgol Pen-bre will provide an excellent learning and teaching environment and will also benefit the local community, with many features built into the design that can be used by local people when it opens.

“We look forward to seeing construction start in January.”

By the end of the 2020/21 financial year, Carmarthenshire County Council will have invested £295million in transforming its network of nursery, primary and secondary schools.

Since the programme was launched, 12 new primary schools and two new secondary schools have been built and a number of other schools have been remodelled and refurbished to provide top-class learning and community facilities.


(Lead image: Carmarthenshire Council)

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Carmarthen Primary school issues warning after pupils as young as EIGHT are watching graphic violence on viral hit Netflix TV show Squid Game




Richmond Primary School in Carmarthen has issued a warning to parents after reports of Year 4 children attending the school had either watched Squid Game on TV or had downloaded third-party apps associated with the show.

Squid Game has become a viral hit TV show for streaming platform Netflix – and is currently the service’s most-watched ever series.

The South Korean show however has high levels of gore, death, violence, and physical assault. It also has graphic depictions of suicide, murder, and sexual assault.

The plot is based on a group of adult debtors, thieves, and gamblers competing against each other in a series of childhood games for a grand cash prize. However, there is a dark twist to these seemingly innocent games – losing competitors are violently killed off in ways that grow more twisted as the games grow more intense.

A statement on Richard Primary School’s social media said that while Squid Game has a rating of 15+, children and young people are likely to know about the show via word of mouth and because it is so popular on social media. They may be unaware of the extent of gore, death, and violence the show contains. It also focuses on adult themes that are not appropriate for younger sensibilities.

For young people who live with mental health issues, they may be triggered by some of the content


Mobile App

The “Squid Game Challenge” (also known as K-Game Challenge) is an app for smartphones and tablets that has been released for Android and iOS, and the two systems differ significantly on their age ratings for the game. The iTunes Store rates the app as 12+ (advising of “mild/infrequent horror/fear themes”), while the PEGI rating for Android is just 3+, which means that very young children might be able to download and play the game even with parental controls activated on their device or through Google Play.

The gameplay is frequently interrupted by pop-ups and ads (sometimes appearing while the user is rapidly tapping their screen while attempting to complete the challenge). This could easily lead to unwanted purchases or accidental visits to inappropriate sites beyond the app.

Warning for parents

Richmond Primary School warns: “As a parent or carer, keep a watchful eye on the content that your children are viewing. Speak to them openly and chat about how they have been spending time on their devices; let them ask questions too. Ensure that the parental controls are activated on your child’s device and that age-restricted child profiles are properly set up, as well as any on-demand services available through the family TV (such as Netflix, in this case) to prevent inappropriate content being streamed.

“If you see your child replicating the challenges from the show or hear them talking about scenes and characters from Squid Game, it would be a timely opportunity to discuss with them that the programme is not intended for children, that much of the content would be inappropriate for their age, and that the violence in the series is very realistic and often upsetting.”

(Lead image: Netflix)


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Pembrey Country Park retains prestigious Green Flag award




Pembrey Country Park has once again received the prestigious Green Flag Award.

The international award has been given to the popular tourist attraction for its amazing green space for the last three years.

The award is recognised for having the highest possible standards, being beautifully maintained and boasting excellent visitor facilities.

Around £4 million is being invested into the park as part of a masterplan to continue its development as a major tourism destination within Carmarthenshire and Wales.

This is the second award for Pembrey Country Park after it celebrated winning the Blue Flag status for Cefn Sidan earlier this year.

Since the Blue Flag awards were first introduced in 1988, Pembrey Country Park has won more Blue Flags than anywhere else in Wales. Cefn Sidan was also the first Welsh beach to win the accolade.


Much of the investment has been completed with upgrading and extending camping and caravanning including the installation of a new amenity block and the opening of Yr Orsaf restaurant.

Work has already been completed on a national closed road circuit, a BMX pump track, an adventure golf course, a changing places facility at the ski and activity centre and new accessible toilets.

Improvements will soon be underway to upgrade the outside area surrounding Yr Orsaf restaurant and hub to give visitors a better experience.

Carmarthenshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths said a lot of effort has been put into making the park what it is today. He said: “We are thrilled to be receiving this award once again which is only given to those green spaces that have demonstrated high standards. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how important our green spaces are and they clearly provide health benefits for everyone.”

The Green Flag Award programme is delivered in Wales by environmental charity Keep Wales Tidy, with support from Welsh Government.


Lucy Prisk, Green Flag Coordinator at Keep Wales Tidy said: The pandemic showed us just how important high-quality parks and green spaces are to our communities. With more visitors than ever enjoying our green spaces, I’d like to congratulate the hard work of staff and volunteers who have maintained excellent standards at these sites.”

Wales still holds more than a third of the UK’s Green Flag community sites.

(Lead image: Carmarthenshire Council)

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