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Everything you need to know about the JCP Swansea Half Marathon ahead of race day



The city of Swansea will welcome athletes from all over the UK as they prepare to take on Wales’ biggest Sumer half marathon event this weekend.

The JCP Swansea Half Marathon will be taking place this Sunday (12th June) from Swansea Arena. The wheelchair race will start at 8.55 am before the main field of runners, who will take to the streets at 9.00 am.


The race is expected to host a field of up to 5000 participants that will run from the city to the sea on one of the most breath-taking half marathon courses in the country. The 13.1 mile route offers runners spectacular coastal scenery on an almost flat route.

The event organised by the Front Runner Events team is delivered with the help of crew members and volunteer race makers.

David Martin-Jewell, Managing Director said: “We are thrilled to be staging the 2022 edition of the JCP Swansea Half Marathon at the city’s newest cultural venue.

“We are excited to be welcoming an incredible elite field and hundreds of participants who have taken up running to keep fit during the last couple of years.

“It’s fantastic to be able to help a new generation of runners, some of whom will be challenging themselves at our event for the very first time. We look forward to putting on a great event for everyone to enjoy and hope it’s a wonderful day for all!”


Cohort of Runners

Many will participate in this event for good causes, raising awareness and much-needed funds for their chosen charity. With many still raising funds right up to race day for the event charity partners; Maggie’s Swansea,Cancer Research UK, Cancer Research Wales, Llamau and Shelter Cymru.

That team spirit will be back as seven companies take on the Celf Creative Corporate Challenge going head-to-head with reigning winners: JCP Solicitors versus the teams at Matthews & Co, HMT Sancta Maria, Brecon Carreg, Nation Radio, Nathaniel Cars and Arvato Bertelsmann

Other keen runners will be supporting their clubs, wearing fancy dress, or even running their very first event, including the Swansea City Manager Russell Martin! So, this year is set to be something very special for everyone, whatever their reason for taking part!  

The eighth edition of the race will mark the largest and most competitive field of stellar British athletes the event has ever seen. The current wheelchair record holder Richie Powell set a new record last year in a time of 60:54 and the male record stays with Matt Clowes of Cardiff AAC in a time of 64:43. In the same year, Tracy Barlow of Thames Valley Harriers won the race and recorded the female course record in 73:50. However, race records are expected to be smashed this year with the confirmed attendance of Phil Sesemann who was the British champion at London Marathon (2021) and Cardiff Half Marathon Female winner Natasha Cockram.  


Essential Information

Race Day Guide that features all your need-to-know information about the event has been produced and includes safety information, car parks and key race day details. To download your copy, find further event details, or follow your loved one on the Live Race Tracking

Key Race Day Timings:

  • 07:30: Race Village, and Baggage Open
  • 08:00: Road closure commences 
  • 08:30: Starting pens open – Runners MUST be parked & heading to start area
  • 08:55: Wheelchair race starts
  • 09:00: JCP Swansea Half Marathon Race Starts
  • 10:00: Wheelchair winner expected
  • 10:02: Male winner expected
  • 10:11: Female winner expected
  • 11:00: Winners presentation takes place
  • 13:00: Last finisher expected
  • 14:00: Event Closes

The Start

Being prepared and how you get to the start ahead of the event is essential. Runners are encouraged to plan their travel to and from the event and car share if you can and feel comfortable doing so. Participants should be parked and ready to #RunSwansea by 08.30am.

Race Village 

The village is located at Museum Green and will be open to athletes and spectators from 07.30am. Here participants will find refreshments, the information point, toilets and massage.

Race Numbers & Timing

Runners will have received their bib prior to race day (if they have registered before 31st May 2022). This contains the timing chip that will provide your finishing time, so try not to bend the bib. This MUST be secured to the front of your t-shirt/vest and the timing chip will activate as you cross the start line.

There will be a limited number of spare bibs available at the Information Point, however there is a charge for a replacement. PLEASE NOTE– Runners must NEVER wear someone else’s race number, by doing so you are putting yourself at risk should a medical emergency occur. 


There will be one single holding area, which will be split into the 5 race number colours (based on your estimated finish time). You must head to the area signposted for your race number colour, please note you will not be able to move forward a pen, but you can move backwards.



Runners are encouraged to use the bag drop only if essential. The baggage will be situated at the LC and only one bag per person is permitted. Participants are asked not to bring, store or leave valuable items in their bags and check they have everything they need before dropping them off. All bags should be securely closed, and the baggage band looped around the handle, before handing it in. 


Participants will be pleased to know that there will be a team of race pacers offering support to help runners get their pacing spot on. The pacers will run the race in the following estimated times: 1:30, 1:35, 1:40, 1:45, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10, 2:15, 2:20, 2:30. The pacers will be on the course wearing flags with the estimated finish time on them. Look out for the pacer within the start pen and try to stay near to them throughout the race. 

Facilities – Hydration & Toilets

Runners are encouraged to drink plenty of water within the week before the race and bring a personal water bottle or hydration vest to the event. However, we understand, sometimes this isn’t possible so there will be Brecon Carreg hydration points on the course. Runners are encouraged when taking water to drink what the need, tip the rest out and dispose of it in the recycling zones. Toilets are located at the start area and at various points on the route. 


Runner’s safety is our priority! If you have a medical condition, you’re aware of please make sure you complete the medical information on the reverse of your race number, as well as marking the front of your race number with a RED X. 

Should you need medical assistance during the race please stop, rest, and tell the nearest race maker, or ask another runner to tell them on your behalf. There will be medical stations located along the route and at the finish. 


Road Closures

Saturday 11 June 6pm – Sunday 12 June 3pm

  • A4067 – Oystermouth Road Westbound: from junction with Princess Way to West Way.

Sunday 12th June 8am – 3pm

  • A4067 – Quay Parade: from Sainsbury’s Store to Wind Street.
  • A4067 Victoria Road: its entire length – both directions.
  • Burrows Place: it’s junction with Victoria Road.
  • A4067 Oystermouth Road: from its junction with West Way to Quay Parade (eastbound).

Sunday 12th June 08.30am – 9.45am

  • Francis Stree: from its junction with Guildhall Road South.
  • Guildhall Road South: its entire length.
  • St Helens Crescent: from its junction with Guildhall Road South.
  • The Baths Car Park
  • St Helens Avenue: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road.
  • St Helens Road: it’s entire length.
  • Brynymor Road: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road.

Sunday 12th June 08.30am – 10.30am

  • St Helens Road: its entire length.
  • Brunswick Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road.
  • Russell Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road.
  • Henrietta Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road.
  • George Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road.
  • Nicholl Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road.
  • B4290 St Helens Road: from its junction with Guildhall Road South.
  • Bond Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road and junction with Oystermouth Road.
  • Oxford Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road.
  • Beach Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road and junction with Oystermouth Road.
  • Argyle Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road.
  • Richardson Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road.
  • Lane alongside 8a St Helens Road: its entire length
  • Wyndham Street: from its junction with B4290 St Helens Road
  • Dillwyn Street: from junction with Oxford Street, it’s entire length
  • Glamorgan Street: it’s junction with Oystermouth Road.
  • Christina Street: its entire length
  • The Kingsway: it’s entire length Horton Street
  • Pell Street
  • Northampton Lane
  • Un-named Road from Northampton Lane to the Junction with the Kingsway
  • Dynevor Place
  • Orchard Street: it’s entire length
  • Cradock Street: its entire length.
  • Bellevue Way: its entire length.
  • Pleasant Street: its entire length.
  • B4290 Alexandra Place: from its junction with Orchard Street.
  • A4118 Dyfatty Street (southbound): from Greenhill to its junction with Orchard Street.
  • B4290 Alexandra Road: from its junction with Orchard Street to B4489 High Street.
  • B4489 High Street (southbound): from its junction with B4290 High Street Train Station.
  • Ivy Place: at its junction with B4290 High Street Train Station.
  • Mariner Street: its entire length.
  • Ebenezer Street: its entire length.
  • Tontine Street: its entire length.
  • Orchard Street: its entire length.
  • Kingsway: its entire length.
  • Picton Lane: its entire length
  • Portland Street: its entire length
  • College Street: its entire length.
  • Welcome Lane: its entire length.
  • Castle Bailey Street: its entire length.
  • Castle Street: its entire length
  • Lane Behind Kapsers: its entire length
  • Castle Square: its entire length.
  • Caer Street: its entire length.
  • Wind Street: its entire length.
  • Princess Way: its entire length
  • St Marys Square: its entire length
  • St Marys Street: its entire length
  • St Davids Place: its entire length
  • Salubrious Place: its entire length
  • York Street: its entire length

Sunday 12th June 8.30am – 11.30am

  • A4067 Oystermouth Road West Way to Guildhall Road South.
  • A4067 Mumbles Road Guildhall Road South to Mayals Road (Westbound only)
  • A4067 Mumbles Road Mayals Road to Newton Road (eastbound and westbound).
  • A4067 Mumbles Road Westbound Guildhall Road South to Knab Rock Car Park.

Sunday 12th June 8.45am – 11.30am no right or left turn

  • Llwynderw Drive onto A4067 Mumbles Road.
  • Lilliput Lane onto A4067 Mumbles Road.
  • Army Reserve Centre onto A4067 Mumbles Road.
  • Fairwood Road onto A4067 Mumbles Road.
  • Alderwood Drive onto Mumbles Road.
  • Lane Adjacent to 308 Mumbles Road
  • Amy Dillwyn Close onto Mumbles Road.
  • Bethany Lane onto Mumbles Road.
  • Palmyra Court onto Mumbles Road.
  • Norton Ave onto Mumbles Road.
  • Norton Rd onto Mumbles Road.
  • Dunns Lane onto Mumbles Road.
  • Church Park Lane onto Mumbles Road.
  • Myrtle Terrace onto Mumbles Road.
  • Village Lane onto Mumbles Road.
  • Hallbank Lane onto Mumbles Road.
  • George Bank onto Mumbles Road.
  • Promenade Terrace – Slip to junction with A4067 Mumbles Road
  • Cornwall Terrace onto A4067 Mumbles Road
  • Clifton Terrace onto Mumbles Road
  • A4067 Mumbles Road – eastbound from junction with Newton Road B4593 to Junction with B4436 Mayals Road.
  • Oystermouth Square Car Park
  • Quarry Road Car Park
  • Knab Rock Car Park
  • Mayals Road onto A4067 Mumbles Road.
  • Cwm Farm onto A4067 Mumbles Road
  • Glyn Crescent onto A4067 Mumbles Road

Egress for residents where possible and when safe to do so.

Sunday 12th June –  varying restrictions throughout the day

  • Somerset Place – its junction with Quay Parade 9am – 10.15am
  • Dunvant Place onto A4067 Oystermouth Road – no left turn, no right turn. 8.30am – 4pm
  • Brynmill Terrace onto A4067 Mumbles Road – Road Closed 8.30am – 11.30am
  • Gorse Lane on to A4067 – Road Closed – 8.30am – 11.30am
  • Sketty Lane onto A4067 Mumbles Road – no right turn/no left turn/no U-turn. 8.15am – 11.30am
  • Ashleigh Road onto A4067 Mumbles Road – no right turn. 7.30am – 11.30am
  • Derwen Fawr Road onto A4067 Mumbles Rd – no right turn. 8.30am – 11.30am
  • Mill Lane onto A4067 Mumbles Road – no right turn. 8.30am – 11.30am
  • Unnamed Rd (The Woodman Public House) onto A4067 Mumbles Road – no right turn 8.30am – 11.30am
  • Newton Rd onto A4067 Mumbles Road. No left/right turn 8.30am – 11.30am

Team Behind the Scenes

The organising team behind the JCP Swansea Half Marathon, Front Runner Events, continues to work closely alongside their trusty team of volunteers, dedicated sector heads and event partners who all help deliver an event Swansea can be proud of. The team continue to work closely with the founding headline sponsors, JCP Solicitors and long-term partners Matthews & Co and HMT Sancta Maria. The event delivery partners include Brecon Carreg, and Kind Snacks UK. New partners include Celf Creative, sponsors of the Corporate Challenge, Nation Radio, and Nathaniel Cars, the official vehicle partner. 

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Swansea Building Society and Swansea City AFC have a long history together, with the Society providing various sponsorships to the club over recent years. Both organisations also share a similarly long history as key features within the Swansea community. The football club, then known as Swansea Town, won its first league honour in 1924, just one year after the founding of Swansea Building Society as a mutual. Both have gone on to achieve considerable growth and success in the intervening years.

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“The Society approaches its centenary celebration having recently achieved record results and passing several significant milestones. In that context, we felt it important to renew our commitment to Swansea City AFC, and we wish the club every success for the coming season and beyond.”

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Peter Davies, Club Chair, said: “We’re really pleased to have Towergate Insurance Brokers on board as a sponsor this season, supporting our club as we continue to grow stronger after the pandemic.

“Towergate is well known here in south west Wales and have strong links with the sporting world, so having an association with such a large company will hopefully help enhance the wider attraction of the club.”


Howard Phillips, Account Executive, at Towergate Insurance Brokers, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Ammanford Cricket Club this season, helping them continue to provide cricketing opportunities to so many in the town.

“This partnership was a natural fit for us as we have a lot of expertise in providing insurance to sporting clubs and associations, having worked with the Cardiff Devils and West Wales Rugby Union already this year.

“We look forward to watching the first team in the South Wales Premier League, particularly seeing Andrew Salter and Billy Root in action, and wish them the very best for the rest of the season.”

Towergate Insurance Brokers, which has over 60 offices nationwide, has a strong Welsh presence and a long-standing relationship with sporting teams across the country, having sponsored ice hockey team the Cardiff Devils since 2019.

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