Dubai-style artificial energy island in Swansea Bay a step closer after International Consortium backing

An international consortium of investors, led by Bridgend based DST innovations is planning on developing an energy producing artificial island in Swansea Bay, combining wind, solar and tidal energy.

The multi-billion pound development is inspired by early concepts set out in a report by Holistic Capital last year. It is not connected with previous plans for a 320MW tidal lagoon energy project off Swansea.

Bridgend technology company,
DST Innovations

DST innovations has developed ground-breaking battery storage technology that’s key to the success of the project. Today, they’ve announced plans to create up to 1000 jobs in West Virginia, USA to turn coal into clean energy as part of it’s ‘hard carbon’ technology.

Future plans for the company include a second manufacturing base in Swansea, with the potential for over 1000 highly skilled permanent jobs.

A spokesperson for DST said: “We’re delighted our technology can be utilised in a project of this magnitude.

“Our products are designed in Wales and this is an amazing opportunity for us to harness the wonderful natural resources we have in our home nation and unlock the abundance of innovation and talent we hold here”.

Jim Justice, Governor of West Virginia

Governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice said: “This is a wonderful day for West Virginia and for the future development of clean energy storage.

“Both West Virginia and Wales are  renowned for their coal mining heritage, and this special international partnership will see us both at the forefront of new energy.”

Rob Stewart, Leader of Swansea Council said: “Swansea bay offers an unprecedented opportunity to deliver the world’s first truly integrated tidal energy project.

“This project has the potential to spur a new industry not just for Swansea but for Wales and the UK. The impacts on employment and our local economy are set to be significant and perfectly timed as we address the post-covid economy.

“We remain 100% committed to seeing the project delivered in Swansea and are grateful for all of the efforts made by DST to bring together such a strong consortium of organisations with a proven track record of success.”


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