Thousands make the most of Swansea free bus offer

Thousands of city residents have been making the most of Swansea Council’s free bus trip offer.

The bus journey offer starts again today (Friday) for another Friday-Monday long weekend and the council say it’s been really popular among locals and visitors alike.

Families are using ‘Free Ride Swansea‘ scheme to do some shopping, eat out or just enjoy time with friends because it’s easier than using the car and saves time, fuel and hassle.

Leighton and his sons Ezra, Charlie and Joshua (pictured below) came into the city for a spot of food at Taco Bell with a visit after to the LC. He said: “Having free travel is a fantastic option; we’d normally come by car but this way means we don’t have to think about parking.”

Kat, from Clase (pictured top), who was in Swansea for the shopping, added: “Free travel makes a huge difference because it saves on fares and – if coming in by car – on emissions and parking charges.”

Pam and Leanne from Loughor (pictured below) were out on a family trip to Mumbles. They said: “The free bus makes a big difference to a day out like this because it cuts costs; we think that other people should take up the offer.”

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment Enhancement and Infrastructure Management, said one of the biggest dividends of #FreeRideSwansea was to encourage people to use the bus more often.

He said: “We were there for the people of Swansea during the pandemic and as we emerge from it and people are getting out and about more we want to encourage people to try out public transport when maybe in the past they wouldn’t have. Hopefully it’ll encourage them to use it in the future as well.

“#FreeRideSwansea is good for the environment because people can leave the car at home if they want and it’s good for businesses because it encourages people to visit the city centre or other places like Mumbles and Morriston.

“During the summer holidays it’s a really good idea for when parents are looking for ways to keep the children occupied. A visit to Swansea Bay beach or Blackpill Lido for an ice cream is less expensive.”

The council are asking people their views on how the offer has gone in an online survey.

(All images: Swansea Council)

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