Townhill gender reveal party and Sketty garden shed pub: Police fine more COVID rule breakers

Warnings and fines for COVID rule breakers continued over the weekend as Police continued their high visibility beauty spot patrols to deter people from non-essential travel.

Three fixed penalty notices were issued in Penlan for people attending a house to celebrate a child’s birthday party.

Four fixed penalty notices were issued to people gathered at an address in Mount Pleasant after a group of people who didn’t live together decided to watch a football match on TV.

Nine fixed penalty notices were issued in Townhill after Police got called to a gender reveal party with various households attending.

Eight fixed penalty notices were issued after Police attended a house in Sketty on Saturday evening where people from different households were in a garden shed that had been converted into a bar.

Police also leafleted vehicles parked in beauty spots including Penllergare Woods and Gower beach car parks to remind people that the Government lockdown restrictions mean that travel for essential reasons does not include for exercise.

It’s the second weekend in a row of high profile patrols and fines as Alert Level 4 COVID rules continue in Wales.

In a series of tweets, South Wales Police said: “COVID regulations still apply to you even if you are family members.

“Warnings and fines (will be issued) to persons breaching covid-19 restrictions. Wales is in Tier 4 lockdown. Stay home.”

Chief Superintendent Andy Valentine said: “Alert Level 4 restrictions have been in place since before Christmas and the legislation is clear. Multiple households should not be mixing, be that indoors or outdoors, and people should only be leaving home for a limited number of reasons, such as shopping for essentials.

“While exercise is permitted and encouraged, Welsh Government has been clear that travelling to do so is not deemed reasonable, so to see dozens of cars at our beauty spot car parks again this weekend is frustrating and disappointing.

“Our officers were met with some serious breaches of the rules this weekend leading to fixed penalties being issued.

“I know that the restrictions are tough but we remain in the midst of an extremely serious health emergency and we all have a part to play in helping to slow the spread of coronavirus and help ease the pressure on our NHS.

“Those unwilling to act responsibility by flagrantly breaching the rules should expect to subject to enforcement action.”

(Lead image: South Wales Police)

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