A weekend of warnings and fines for COVID rule breakers as Police patrol Swansea’s beauty spot car parks

South Wales Police took to social media over the weekend after issuing warnings and fines to COVID rule-breakers at Swansea’s beauty spot and beach car parks.

Officers were keen to reinforce the Welsh Government’s rules and challenging those who were travelling for non-essential reasons.

The patrols were part of a joint engagement taskforce with other public sector partners, such as Swansea Council.

Police were keen to remind people that the Government lockdown restrictions mean that travel for essential reasons does not include for exercise.

One individual was fined after travelling from Newport to Swansea to meet a friend.

Warnings were given to motorists from beauty spots and beaches right across the city.

The warnings and fines this weekend follow the 430 fixed penalty notices South Wales Police issued for Covid-19 breaches in December.

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